Danny Rubin's Job Application Masterclass

Job Application Masterclass

Everything you need to stand out from the competition! | taught by Danny Rubin
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Jasmine Primas

Changed My Career Forever

"I can't thank you enough. The tips that you have given me and the way you revamped my resume have gained me nothing but success. The people who matter most, the employers, are always impressed."

Shirley Ha

Saw Results Immediately

“Danny helped me turn my cover letter into a unique personal story. Right away, I landed two job offers!"

Blake Bogese

Phenomenal Course

"My resume is now 1000X better. Thank you, Danny, for your help and guidance!"

Jasmine Primas

"I can't thank you enough. The tips that you have given me and the way you revamped my resume have gained me nothing but success. The people who matter most, the employers, are always impressed."

Shirley Ha

“Danny helped me turn my cover letter into a unique personal story. Right away, I landed two job offers!"

Blake Bogese

"My resume is now 1000X better. Thank you, Danny, for your help and guidance!"

Course Description

Tired of sending job applications and receiving little to no response?

You've come to the RIGHT PLACE.

In a practical, step-by-step course, award-winning business writing expert Danny Rubin guides you through every major part of the job application process.

A full 85% of Danny's students secure at least one job offer, and he's helped people land interviews and jobs at top companies like General Motors, Converse, Pandora Radio and more, including...

Danny will teach you how to:

  • Construct your resume so your skills and experience JUMP off the page
  • Transform your cover letter into a powerful short story of success -- a technique that can grab the employer's attention immediately
  • Craft your LinkedIn profile summary so you make the strongest "introduction" before the employer ever contacts you
  • Prepare for the job interview with strategies that set you apart from the competition

The goal for the entire course: make employers say, "I need to meet this person immediately."

See the course for yourself! Watch the sample video at the top on resume objective statements.

Who is right for this course?

  • College students
  • Recent grads
  • Military community
  • Unemployed
  • People who hope to land internships
  • People who want to switch jobs
  • Anyone else who needs a job ASAP!

Danny teaches in a conversational style that makes his lessons easy to implement. With each course video, you will understand how to share your experience and skills with any company. Again, watch the sample video at the top to see what the course is like!

What you will create

  • Memorable resume/cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile summary that markets your unique brand 24/7
  • Job interview strategies that will have the boss saying, “Whoa, that was impressive”
  • “Next-level” email correspondence
  • Invaluable communication skills that will last a lifetime

You have too much talent and ability -- let Danny show you how to maximize your opportunities in the competitive job market!

And yes, you can watch the course videos on any device.

PLUS you will gain access to Danny's private Facebook group exclusively for students in the course!

Go Inside the Course

Module 1: Resumes

In the first module, we do a deep dive on each section of your resume:

  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Miscellaneous Sections (ex: Leadership, Hobbies)

Danny shows you "before" and "after" examples from past coaching clients and how he transformed resumes using his techniques.

He also discusses why "Education" should come at the bottom of the resume for students and working professionals. He then includes a full resume template that combines all of his lessons so you have a model to work from.

Module 2: Cover Letters

Next, Danny gives you the blueprint to his powerful "storytelling" cover letter approach.

He provide examples from past clients and how he used their own success stories to drive the cover letter. The result? They captured the employer's attention right away.

He shows you the six parts to a winning cover letter and then talks through each part one at a time. Finally, he includes a full "storytelling" cover letter template as a reference.

Module 3: LinkedIn Profile Summaries

In the third module, we tackle the LinkedIn profile summary and how to describe yourself in a memorable way.

Similar to the cover letter exercise, Danny shares his innovative three-step process and then shows you real-life examples of what all three parts look like.

The three steps:

Step 1: Who are you, really?

Step 2: What do you do?

Step 3: Bring 'em home (why you're passionate about what you do)

Danny also provides a template for the three steps and alternative versions for college students, recent grads and the unemployed.

Module 4: Job Interview Prep

After the fourth module, you will never think of job interviews the same way again. Danny teaches you how to answer almost any question with a dynamic story that proves you get results.

And when it's time for you to ask questions, he has you 100% ready on that front too. He explains how to prepare smart, insightful questions. Meanwhile, everyone else tosses out "predictable" question or worse yet says, "No, I think you answered all my questions already." Bad answer.

Danny then gives you the template for a winning thank-you note after the interview so you will impress the employer once more.

Module 5: Extras

In the final module, Danny talks about why college students and recent grads don't need resume objective statements. And he show you how to contact recruiters via email after you apply for the job (full template).

PLUS, you will receive five worksheets that will guide you through the job application process:

  • How to Reach Out to a Recruiter
  • Additional LinkedIn Profile Summary Templates (College Students, Recent Grads and Unemployed)
  • Full Resume Template
  • Full Resume Template (10+ years of work experience)
  • Full Cover Letter Template

Danny designed the course to be comprehensive and have you covered at every turn!

5-Star Review by Joey L.

"Few people in my life have been as influential in helping me get a new job as Danny Rubin. Not only does he know what he's talking about, but he's able to communicate it in a way that's relatable and easy to understand. Need a new job? Listen to this man!"

Let me tell you a quick story of a person I helped to land a job – a temp employee at a chicken plant.

Recently, a young woman named Jasmine reached out for career coaching help. She worked at a chicken plant (seriously) in Maryland as a temp employee in the HR division. She wanted a full-time job BADLY but couldn’t get noticed in the job market. I could tell she was frustrated and in a tough spot.

I asked Jasmine about a time in her temp job where she demonstrated work ethic and hustle. She then told me a story…a GREAT story…and we used the experience in her resume and as a central theme in her cover letter.

The result? THREE job interviews and TWO subsequent job offers within a MONTH. She then accepted a position in HR at a Washington, DC law firm. What a terrific opportunity!

In my course, I will teach you the same "job app secrets" I gave to Jasmine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I begin the course?

Right away! You will receive a log-in immediately and can access all the course material whenever you want -- and for as long as you want.

2. What should I expect from the course modules?

Think of the "Job Application Masterclass" as a 1-on-1 career coaching session with Danny Rubin. The course modules are a mix of detailed breakdowns (ex: how to write polished resume and cover letter) and videos where Danny talks straight to you and provides his sought-after career instruction. The videos move quickly and are packed with information you can apply to your own job applications right away.

3. How does the private Facebook group work?

As a student in the "Job Application Masterclass," you have exclusive access to a closed Facebook group where you can discuss your job search (applications and interviews) with the group and Danny too. Ask questions, receive critical feedback and put your best foot forward on every job application! Danny will also lead regular *live* Q&As inside the Facebook group.

The "Job Application Masterclass" is more than self-guided videos (although the video material is comprehensive). It's also a community ready to help you find the greatest success possible in the job market.

4. What about hiring my own career coach instead of enrolling in Danny's course?

On average, you will spend hundreds more on a career coach who will likely help with your resume/cover letter. In Danny's "Job Application Masterclass," he provides winning strategies for your resume/cover letter as well as LinkedIn profiles, job interviews, emailing with employers/recruiters and how to navigate the world of online applications.

In the "Job Application Masterclass," you receive the total package and save a lot of money in the process.

5. I'm a college student and need internships rather than jobs. Is this course right for me?

YES. Danny's strategies work great for internship applications too. The internship landscape is so competitive and the right internship could launch your career! You need a dynamic resume/cover letter along with a smart plan to describe yourself on LinkedIn and prep for the all-important job interview. Danny's "Job Application Masterclass" will have you ready.

Danny  Rubin
Danny Rubin
Business Writing Expert

About the Instructor

Danny Rubin is an author and speaker trusted by students and working professionals for his practical advice on writing, networking and interpersonal skills.

Danny's writing techniques are used by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). More commonly known as "Vo Tech," ACTE provides resources to more than 24,000 educators in high schools and community colleges across the US.

Why do those organizations rely upon Danny's writing techniques? The strategies help people stand out and find success. Plain and simple.

When you write well, you open doors. After you take Danny's "Job Application Masterclass," you will understand what he means.

If you have any questions, please send Danny an email (danny@dannyhrubin.com). You can also visit his website here.

Danny's writing techniques are also used by:

CNBC.com where he contributes columns on business writing skills

The Department of Defense (within military sites like the Pentagon and Quantico)

Top schools like the University of Maryland and the University of Virginia

Course Contents

22 Videos
1 Survey
3 PDFs